“They [the voices in my head] stopped immediately after you did the [Alien Interference] healing. It was a very intense session which brought out a lot of emotional trauma. But every weird experience with [mental and physical] disease in the past makes sense now. I can see where it came from. Since you did the [Alien Interference] healing half a year ago I am glad to say that I have never heard them [suicidal insinuated thoughts] again.”
From an Energy Healing.

“It’s been so weird these last few days! Your Tarot Reading was so spot on. You told me things I know I never told you, because they are confidental company strategy involving millions. The information you gave me has also been like a handbook in my personal life guiding me through my decisions and was so very helpful when I would normaly have just started doubting myself and my choices again. Thank you so much!”
From a Tarot Reading.

“You know it’s just so nice to have you around, as soon as you walked through the door my headache just went away. Please come by more often!”
From a friendly hang session.

“You really are like a crystal battery, spreading your healing energies, and you have such clarity. It’s really amazing!”
From a Space Cleanse.

“You know, if anyone else would tell me what you just told me, I think I would literally punch them in the face. But the way you supplement your insights with your own experience realy makes me want to keep listening.”
From a Counseling.