Taking care of your vehicle


The crash

Last night I dreamt about riding the bicycle together with my cousin. On a very confusing crossroad she got hit by a car and died. I fell into a state of horror and despair after which I cried my eyeballs out and wailed until I was hoarse. Once I woke up to the sound of my own voice all of the emotional intensity was gone. I was left with a huge shock that engraved itself onto my mind. When I started analysing my dream afterwards I realised it was about taking care of your vehicle.

The symbolism of the vehicle is one that is frequently used in books. It is used to portray a characters’ control over its own life. When they crash or get car trouble, like flat tires and empty batteries, it explains a lot about their handle on life. A crash could say something about the conflicts that a character has with its surroundings. Flat tires might mean that they subconsciously want to slow down or take a break. An empty battery might mean they are physically and/or emotionally exhausted.

Life without a car

In my dream we were riding a bicycle though. We did not even have the basic protection of the metal cage that a car has. But we were still using the same roads of life that all other people would use for their earthly travels. It’s safe to say that should a conflict ever arise, we would be disadvantaged to say the least.

It is quite normal in the Netherlands to travel to your destination on a bicycle whenever possible. But it obviously also entails risks since you’re quite vulnerable physically. The roads and traffic regulations have been adapted to accommodate for this vulnerability. However there is still a lot of environmental awareness and focus needed to navigate the roads. Its impossible to just go about your way without paying attention to your surroundings ’cause it could get you killed, literally.

vehicle traffic

Taking care of your vehicle, a symbol of your body, mind and spirit.

The crossroad my cousin and I encountered in the dream were not as well thought out as the Dutch roads I am used to. But the fact that the roads were so jumbled did make a lot of sense to me. Dreams are a visual representation of you subconscious. In this case I would say that roads are the emotional pathways of life that people travel. When you meet someone that can be a neutral meeting and parting. It is also possible though that is a meeting of thoughts and emotions where an exchange presents itself. In the latter case it would be good to have a strong vehicle.

Earlier we talked about the significance of something happening to a characters’ vehicle. Now imagine what your vehicle would be like, how would it be able to portray you as a person. Would it be big and sturdy, or sleek and shiny. Would it have a lot of horsepower, with a big gastank? Could it even be an electric car? Does it need a lot of maintenance? Is it even a car? Or is it a truck, tractor, limousine or in my case a bicycle? When you use the symbolism of the vehicle, it’s state gives you a lot of information about a persons physical, mental and emotional condition. How they use it tells a lot about their manner of navigating through life.

My vehicle

As happened in my dream, life can present you with a lot of conflicts, crashes and confusion. I’m not saying it can’t also be amazingly beautiful, thrilling and heartwarming, but sometimes it is a harsh reality to live in. It can be so immersive and entrancing that we sometimes forget to take care of our vehicles or at least certain parts of it.

In my dream I was riding a bicycle. Yes it functions, gets me from A to B. It’s easy as fuck to maintain and has got a shiny coating that hasn’t been chipped yet, but it is still a bicycle. I have been stripping down my vehicle for years on end. Removing non-functional, hard to maintain and worn down parts. Removing, releasing and cleansing until all I was left with was the bare minimum.

taking care of your vehicle

Strip it down and build it back up

Taking care of your vehicle is about taking care of your body, mind and spirit. We know that we have to eat healthy, take some time to relax and even to spend time on working through our trauma. But do we also take the time build our personality back up again. Do we take enough time to nurture our spirits with with passionate goals or hobbies and heartfelt praise for our accomplishments? Do we take enough time to think about what is left of us after we let go of all that made us who we were. All that made me… me.

Taking care of your vehicle is not only the removing of bad food, releasing bad habits and dismantling of your ego. It is also about introducing new foods, creating new habits and cultivating a healthy spiritual character. Yes you need to strip down your vehicle of all that is unhealthy for your being. But you also need to build it back up into a magnificent sustainable piece of art that is uniquely aligned to your being.

Straightening out the jumbled crossroads

If we were not riding a bicycle on a jumbled crossroad we would never have crashed into a car. But you can’t hide from life inside of your home and hope that everything will at some point in time turn around in your favour. Those jumbled, confusing crossroads of life will not straighten out and become safe pathways for all to travel if we are not there to change them. We need to use our vehicles, our presence of being, and engage into the emotional exchange with our surroundings. This will help create awareness and eventually change our code of conduct on navigating these emotional roads of life.

I could use some help with my vehicle

Do you recognise yourself in this text and feel like you could totally use a guidance manual while doing all that stripping down and building back up of your vehicle? Or do you feel like you could use an update in your navigational skills to make it that much easier when traveling the roads of life?

Check out my Healing or Tarot services for guidance and transformation. Feel free to mail me about any questions you may have or possible other services I could be able to provide you with.

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