Working with a space or property is like working with a person. It has a personal history which includes past trauma, a connection with its environment and its very own quirky characteristics. Some things will go easy while others will be harder. Its healing process will be similar to that of a person, peeling off the layers one by one.

During a cleanse I will work on basic things like; restoring healthy boundaries, releasing of old and negative energies, healing trauma, sending away and/or people and entities that don’t belong and grounding new/higher energies.

Doing a space cleanse is a way to start with a clean slate. In many cases one cleanse helps to bring a basic balance into your space, like pushing the reset button. Sometimes when there is a strong energy imprint multiple cleanses are needed to work through the layers.

Sacred Temple
Your Sacred Temple is a place of peace, healing and reflection. It helps to keep your channel with Spirit clear while grounding your multidimensional frequencies and information in your body and your life. Having a Sacred Temple makes you want to come home to relax and recharge, and supports your process of healing and integration of you multidimensional consciousness. You will naturally develop and gain confidence in you empathic, telepathic and energy healing abilities.

Furniture, art and accessories all have impact on the energy flow and the general feel in your space. The individual pieces and where they are placed can make all the difference, but the addition of crystal and orgonite grids really upgrade the energy in your space to the next level. Orgonite helps repel harmful radiation and releases heavy, old and negative energies. Crystals help ground certain energies in your space that support you and the purpose of the space they are placed in.

Orgonite Pyramid

I procure one or more sets of crystals that I cleanse and program specifically for your situation to recreate your space into a Sacred Temple and to maintain its energy flow. When I come by your space for the Cleanse we can discuss the need or desire for one of these sets of crystals. I can also have orgonite structures (like chembusters) made especially for your space. After the Cleanse I will need 1-2 weeks to collect the necessary materials and to do the programming. When they are done I will come over to install these stunning new pieces of art into your space.

Your Sacred Temple will become a space where multidimensional beings stop by on their journey to exchange with you and the people present there at the moment. It will become the perfect place for your own healing, for the healing of family and friends, but even more so for people who come to you for healing whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Not everybody has the luxury of time and experience to help with the energetic upkeep of a space. In this case providing a place for guardians to descend into your space helps your space to keep aligning itself to your needs. These guardians also make sure that the natural balance is kept even when there are intense energy/emotional storms happening in your life/space. Examples could be: Changes is work, divorce or break-ups, fights, illness and/or death.

Guardians are one of the forms that the Artifacts I create present themselves in. I only make these Guardians and other Artifacts in commission because they are very specific and very powerful. Should you feel you the desire for one in your home or should I feel you need one in your home we can discuss this during or after the Cleanse.