I Am

At a very young age I got the opportunity to start working with Reiki, which is a healing modality almost everyone knows. What I wasn’t very conscious of at that time was that from that point on I started channeling healing modalities from all over the world, and those not of this world, and integrating them into my self healing ‘Reiki practise’.

Topics like soul retrieval and past life healing were something I was doing already before I even knew that there existed courses and workshops for it. The same goes for traditional chinese medicine in regards to the 5 elements, as well as healing the meridians and acupoints.

Eventually working with otherworldly entities, aliens and magical beings became as natural to me as speaking with my fellow humans, maybe even more so.

Reading about all these different healing practices online gave me a weird sense of dèja vú because in my body and my consciousness I already recognised them.

Divination ran parallel to this practice of my unique kind of “Reiki”. Around the same time as starting with Reiki I also bought my first Tarot card deck and pendulum. I have no doubt that my energy work divination skills mutually influenced and enhanced each other as well as keeping me on a unique path of self discovery.

Since I never had anyone outside of my self to rely on for guidance or exchange of information, I have always had to primarily trust my own instincts, insights and intuïtions. This increased my need for clarity and has been a tremendous support to develop creative and innovative ways to process the information my senses provided me with. Because of this I have always been wary of the healers, therapists and channelers around me. I often found them to lack the clarity, safety and equality I needed to start a healing exchange. Which resulted in me keeping to myself even more during my journey of self discovery and self healing.

At a certain point I started going to workshops and courses, thinking this would help me make a job out of my craft. I was sorely disappointed of course, but it gave me more than enough inspiration to further delve into the depths of my mind and the knowledge of my soul.

During this journey of self healing I had grown more and more able to discern the good, the bad and the ugly of the world and myself. I grew more capable of functioning in society until eventually I was able to use the skills I had worked on all these years to get myself an interesting job in a leadership position even though I didn’t have any credentials to support my claim to the job. That was a nice experience, I was able to pat myself on the back and say ‘good for you, now you see you can do anything you put your mind to.’ Not long after that I quit my job and put my focus back on my practice as a healer and channeler.

Looking back from when I first started out on my journey I now have more than 13 years of in-depth healing and channeling experience. During these years I have found that I can use my skills in whatever way I want to. I can live in society without being swallowed up into its social constructs and being controlled by it’s programming. I had the opportunity to live my life ‘the normal way’ and decided to create my own path.

I know now that I can only lead by example.

I choose to use my craft and experiences now as a reminder that you can be different and that this uniqueness is exactly what the world needs right now. You just need to live life on your own terms. Be the unique expression of your being. Create what it is that you are meant to bring to the world. Only then can people be shocked into the realisation that maybe being a sheep in a herd is not what they want at all.

My name is not that important, nor is my age, my family background, the colour of my skin, the gender I identify with or the gender that I am attracted to. What defines me is measured in the way I manifest myself and my creations into this world in this moment. This is why I chose the name Shyam to represent me in my practice.

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