During a consultation I will help you clarify your goals before we dive into the healing process. My goal is to help you get a clear idea of what it is that you need and to give you the insights, inspiration and (spiritual) tools to make the changes you need in your life.

Health advice
When you want to get an overall picture of where you are in your physical, mental and emotional health or want to focus on a specific health issue I will do some testing to figure out what your body needs at this moment. In many cases I advise a combination of dietary changes, supplements and/or cleanses to help your body to heal itself.

In some cases an energy healing is a perfect support to kick-start your bodies’ innate healing intelligence. I also work with a device that stimulates the blood flow in your smaller capillaries which is especially helpful in the support of detoxing, healing (acute) physical trauma and relieving chronic pain, illness and fatigue.

All healing happens on multiple levels. Changing perspective and acquiring new insights is an absolute necessity if you want to create lasting change. During a consultation we will have more than enough time to shed some light upon what the issue at hand is. By sharing our experiences and insights we can inspire each other to gain a deeper understanding and tap into knowledge that wasn’t present in our consciousness before.

This co-creational type of conversation not only helps you to gain clarity and tools to work with our topic of choice, but also brings you closer to a more natural way of emotional exchange. This means that whilst we are learning and working to a goal regarding your question, we are also training ourselves to communicate more authentically and unconditionally in our relationships. Awesome!

These topics can include the following but also many more: Relationships in all their forms, knowledge of the many layers of intelligence that your body consists of, multidimensionality and energy work.

Tarot reading
Not all knowledge and healing can be accessed from a personal point of view. Sometimes this means that there is a need to be inspired by a higher power. Tarot cards are a medium that I use to invite Spirit to guide my thoughts and senses. The Tarot cards will then embody the energies of Spirit which in turn help me interpret situations, possibilities and people.

Energy healing
Energy and multidimensionality both have a huge influence on a healing process. During an energy healing I’ll work with the levels of your energy field that correspond to the mental, emotional and physical trauma in your system. In some cases the energy imprints that correlate to your trauma have their origin in other lives which manifest themselves into this one.

In most cases an energy healing works on the subconscious or superconscious level but needs to be brought into the waking consciousness to create lasting change. One of the ways I do this is by telling you stories. Some of them come from my own experience, while others are directly inspired by the knowledge that I see when I work with your energy system and your multidimensionality. Another way I help you become more conscious of what is happening is by giving you affirmations that embody the essence of what I have worked on with you.