The Traveling Tarot Witch

Welcome to The Traveling Tarot Witch. The name says it all really. You’re at the right place here for divination by Tarot or Magickal Workings.

Everything concerning health will almost always be rejected. Please consult your doctor instead. Should you want to have answers or Workings done, expect a lot of questions from me. Unless we’ve already met, we’ll set up a date to meet up online first. Here we’ll talk about what you want to have done and why. After this conversation I’ll contact you with an answer as to wether or not I will take the assignment.

For Tarot we’ll set a date for your reading. It is possible to organise a moment for a small group of people or an event. I can give some information about possibilities in our online chat. I’ll get back to you with a final price when I confirm taking on your assignment.

Expect some time to pass before I get back to you with information about Workings. This can take a week to about two months, depending on the complexity of the Working. When relevant I will provide you with information about the Working itself and/or its circumstances at that time. With that out of the way:

Who is The Traveling Tarot Witch


We’re revamping our style! The website is under construction. Think of it as a mood board/art project explaining our vision for the future.

Do you have burning questions during this proces? Do you not need a full website to know you want to work with me? Then go to our contact page and send me a message. The Work goes on anyways. See you soon! <3

The Traveling Tarot Witch

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