I’ve always longed for this magical school where you can learn everything you want to learn about the magic in the world. Now we all know on the spiritual path that the school building is represented by life itself and the teachers are the people we meet as well as every situation that arises. But the books, where are the damn Books?

In the past years I’ve come to believe that the most important and life-changing information cannot be read or heard and in most cases it can also not be explained. It has to be felt with the heart and seen with the inner eye. The information must come to you in a way that is most usefull but also the easiest to understand to you, enlightening you from within. I searched for answers on paper, inside crystals, connected to the consciousness of crystal skulls, inside plant beings and in the sacred and powerfull places around the world. I searched for a proper medium to learn what cannot be read but only felt, to see without my eyes the truth of the world and myself.

I want to share with you all of the “Books” that have helped me on my path to self healing, self consciousness and spiritual growth. The Books that have helped me realise the power of my own particular kind of magic to make my mark on the world. I want to share these Books with you so you can find and utilise your own kind of magic in whatever way it may be usefull to you.